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To keep it simple, ice dams are formed when melted snow freezes at your roof eves. One of the largest factors that help create ice dams is when the heat from the attic and home warms the snow, causing it to melt, and then ice will form. Temperature changes also contribute to snow warming up during the day and then freezing at night. Problems occur with snow then melts and drops into an ice-clogged gutter as it falls to the ground. As temperatures drop over night, the recently melted water now freezes again. The cycle continues and the ice dam problem persists. Every home's ice dam activity is influenced by a combination of ventilation, insulation, solar orientation, tree coverage, home architecture, snow cover, home owner lifestyle, and, of course, weather conditions.

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Ice dam steaming is the quickest known way to remove 100% of the ice safely without damaging the roofing materials. Pressurized steam has the ability to melt through the ice with heat, but the heat is unable to do damage to the roofing. Low pressure steam is so safe and gentle that it cannot even remove spray paint from a sheet of Styrofoam! A hot pressure washer (which many companies call a steamer!) will cut holes completely through the foam.



A common minimum is two hours. A common variable of feet removed per hour is somewhere between 7-25 linear feet per hour.  If you hire a company with the wrong equipment (a hot pressure washer) and not a low pressure steamer, you risk roof damage and your ice dam removal will take longer than it should. Low pressure steamers are by far the safest and fastest way to remove ice from your roof.



We price our work for removing ice dams and clearing snow as we do for everything else. We are honest, straightforward, and fair. You won't always find a no-nonsense approach like this in the ice dam removal industry. We don't charge for trips. We have minimal hourly rates. The quickest and most efficient approach to remove ice blockages is with steam.

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